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Congresswoman DeLauro Supports Cooking Matters CT

The CHNCT Foundation has worked diligently to bring Cooking Matters to the state of Connecticut. We not only recognize the significance of our being the first organization to introduce this potentially life changing program to the state, but also the impact it can have on many of the state’s neediest residents. Our goal in bringing Cooking Matters to Connecticut is to assist individuals in providing healthful meals to their families, despite what limited resources they may have. There isn’t a week that goes by when someone doesn’t express their desire to know how they can better feed their families nutritious foods. People are interested in learning about good nutrition, but are confused by all of the advertisements and misinformation regarding the foods we buy. I believe that Cooking Matters will help bridge the gap between confusion and knowledge, while supporting the participating families’ efforts in making these choices.

Tressa Spears Jackson
Executive Director of CHNCT Foundation

CHNCT Foundation


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